Fortune is among the top-rated slot games by NextSpin. Everybody is aware of NextSpin as a well-known and reputable software producer of slot machine games for the internet. With Fortune Toad, NextSpin did exactly what one would expect from such a top-rated brand in the casino industry. In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Fortune Toad. Spoiler alert: It is one of the most exciting games that NextSpin has ever made.


Fortune Toad interface

Let’s start off with the game’s user interface because no matter how fun a game may be, it won’t give users the best experience if it doesn’t have an appealing and well-optimized UI. The good news is NextSpin surely did a good job with the game’s user interface. They chose to go with fun and less-shouting colours, including green, gold, and red.


Once the game loads, you will right away see that funny frog character (Mr. Frog) playing some exciting guitar sounds to welcome you to the game. Besides the fun colours and well-optimized UI, this game also has smooth animation that makes the transition between pages very seamless and natural.


The good news is that this sickness doesn’t come at the sacrifice of usability or efficiency. One bonus feature that may not seem important to some people is the clock. Slots are very addictive, so having a watch within the UI will make it easier for you to know how much time you’ve spent playing. I guess NextSpin added this feature to help those that could easily spend hours playing this game without even noticing.


All in all, I would give this game’s UI a 9.5/10 mainly because of their choice of colours, icon design, and of course, the smooth animations. The only downside, though, is this beefy UI at times takes almost half a minute to load, which can be frustrating. However, once the game loads, everything else is very snappy.


Playing the game

Fortune toad is a 5 reel and 20 paylines games that you will find at the most popular online casinos that partner with NextSpin. Just like most slots by NextSpin, it is very easy to play thanks to its minimalistic interface. The procedure for playing this game is very simple; place your bet and click the play/spin button, and the symbols will start spinning.


If you get the same symbols in the same row, that’s a win. While choosing how much to bet, this game allows you to make $0.2 increments until you reach your desired amount. This game allows you to wager as little as $0.2 or as much as $100. For new players, I suggest beginning with the smallest amount possible ($0.2).


As you play, you will be able to monitor your stake, remaining balance, and your total winnings. These parameters are right at the bottom of the game’s UI. Fortune Toad also has several bonuses that players can take advantage of to win up to 2000X their stake. It has an RTP rate of 95%, which is within the average of most slots but, of course, not impressive.


Fortune Toad also has the auto spin option that you can take advantage of if you don’t want to constantly press the play button on every spinning cycle. Up to 100 cycles of auto-spin are possible with this function. Of course, if your balance cannot facilitate all the 100 spins, you will do the auto spin until your entire balance is depleted—that is why it is best to bet the minimum stake while using this feature.


Another interesting thing about Fortune Toad is the fact that it has a free version. You can take advantage of this free version to get used to the game’s UI before you start staking real cash. This free version gives you up to 1000 coins. With 1000 coins, you can get a maximum of 5000 spins, which is good enough to get used to the game.


Fortune Toad details, symbols, and bonus features

Like any other slot machine game, playing Fortune Toad is more meaningful and fun if you know the different symbols and features in the game and their significance. A summary of the game’s characters and their significance can be found below.

  • Rootin’ Tootin’ Multiplier: This is another bonus feature of this game. When it pops up during the game, you are in luck because Mr. Frog will activate a random multiplier for your payout.
  • Smokey Dokey Wilds: With this, all the game’s five reels will become wild before the reels stop.
  • Cotton Shakin’ Wilds: With this symbol, Mr. Frog will trigger several random wild symbols on the reels. 
  • Bonus Diggin’ Chance: When you get this during the game, Mr. Frog will trigger more bonus symbols within the 1st and 3rd reels.
  • Mega Pickin’ Symbol: This symbol is another unique one in this game. Once triggered, reels one/two/three, two/three/four, or three/four/five will turn into another special symbol (except the scatter symbol).
  • Hilly Billy Rewind: If you are lucky to get the scatter symbol during the game, Mr. Frog will automatically rewind the reel until a free spin trigger symbol is activated in the 5th reel.
  • Clod Hopping Cash Bugs: This is another bonus feature that you need to look forward to while playing Fortune Toad. When it is activated, Mr. Frog will notice bugs arriving and moving around the game’s UI. Any of the bags that Mr. Frog chooses to splat will award the player a win separate from the reel wins that vary between 2 to 50x of the player’s stake.


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