Long Long Long is a very exciting slot machine game that many gamblers around the world love to play. This game is a product of Playtech – one of the oldest and most successful casino software providers in the world right now. It was created in 2017, but the reception this game has received is enough to show the impact it has created within the few years it has been around.


It is a web-based game, so you can easily play it within your browser, both on your computer or mobile device. So, you won’t have to go through the procedure of downloading and installing the game. The best browsers I would recommend for playing this game include chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge.


Long Long Long interface

When you open any game, the first thing that will welcome you is the Sky Wind Group – a game developer initially Playtech. Like most slots games I have reviewed, Long Long Long also takes about a minute to load the game. The loading speed usually depends on the speed of the internet connection as well. However, in most cases, the page should load in under a minute.


Instead of looking like a virtual slot machine, the interface of this game is meant to seem like a real slot machine. It looks like the 3D virtual version of how the physical slot machines look in real life. The UI is generally minimalistic, with just a few major buttons placed in the exact positions as the real slot machines.


Let’s talk colours. The theme colour of this game is blue; it is the most dominant colour throughout the entire UI. However, the symbols in this game take on much more sharper colours, including gold, green, and red. The animations of this game are also very seamless. You will notice this through the smooth movement of the symbols as they spin along the reels.


Towards the top of the game’s interface, you will see details of how much you will potentially win if you land the same symbol in all three slots within a given row. This makes it easy for players to know what to expect while playing. Besides the look of the UI, this game also has well-chosen sounds that make it easy to stay engaged while playing.


Long Long Long RTP and how to play

Long Long Long has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.31%, which is slightly above the average for most slot machine games. The procedure for playing Long Long Long is very similar to that of any other slot machine game. To play, all you need to do is choose your bet size and hit the Spin button.


You can increase or reduce your stake using the plus and minus buttons just below the screen. You may wager as little as €0.01 and as much as €50. For those playing this game for the very first time, I would recommend using the minimum possible stake (€0.01) and only go higher as you get used to the game.


This game also has two extra buttons that you can use to change how you play. These are the Auto Spin and Turbo mode buttons. Let’s look at how each of these buttons works.

1.Auto Spin

With the auto spin button, you will just have to press the button once, and the reels will spin up to the number of times you wish to. To select how many spins you want to trigger, hoover over the Auto Spin button: the available options include 10, 25, 50, and 99. You can select any of these buttons based on the remaining balance you have on your total stake.


2.Turbo Mode

This is another unique button that not so many slots machine games. Some of the winning animations and sounds are skipped when turbo mode is enabled. This mode is basically for people who don’t want to waste a lot of time. Pressing the turbo mode button will turn this mode on or off.



Besides having fun, the other obvious reason for playing this game is to go home with some money. Here is how Long Long Long handles payouts:


  • Symbols on a paylines must be consecutive to be considered a winning combination starting from the leftmost reel.
  • Regular wins are multiplied by the COIN BET.
  • Only the highest win pays on each paylines.
  • Coinciding wins on different paylines are added.
  • An upper limit to the game’s winnings has been set. Please see the GAME TERMS AND CONDITIONS for additional details.


Long Long Long detailed features and symbols

There are four main emblems in the game: three red dragons, three yellow dragons, three green dragons, and three other dragons. Each of them has its own colour. The possible amount that you will win when you land any of these in the same row is as follows.

  • 3 Red Dragons – x58
  • 3 Yellow Dragons – x88
  • 3 Green Dragons – x28
  • 3 Any Dragons – x8


Based on this payable, the ideal situation is getting 3 yellow dragons in one row and win up to x88 your stake. 


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