Introducing Michael Owen, the new brand ambassador for Maxim88 online casino

Maxim88 online casino has always been the most successful online gambling destination in Malaysia and Singapore. We are talking about a top-rated online casino that is well-known across the entirety of Southeast Asia, and might as well be the face of the Asian online casino industry.

Maxim88 is a brand that has a long history of frequent collaboration with other top online casino brands, software providers as well as celebrities. Today, the wonderful team behind Maxim88 online casino has announced that they have signed on a new brand ambassador as the new face of the reputable brand — English professional football player Michael Owen. 


Maxim88 online casino

Maxim88 online casino

Maxim88 is a force to be reckoned with in the online casino industry as they have somewhere over ten million active users and are quickly gaining popularity in almost every country in Asia. At Maxim88 online casino Malaysia, players have the ability to have access to a vast assortment of gambling games with only the click of a button. In spite of the fact that it has only been around for less than a decade, this online gambling platform in Malaysia has already garnered a reputation for being a trustworthy and safe online gaming platform.

Additionally, it has secured advanced deposit and withdrawal technology which guarantees the safety and privacy of all of their members. Maxim88’s platform is an online casino that has been approved, legitimized, and licenced by worldwide online gaming organizations. This ensures that the online casino does not accept any forms of cheating, hacking, or swindling of any kind. The Maxim88 online casino guarantees complete and total impartiality in all of its gaming, earning it the trust of all of its customers and making it the top rated online casino in Malaysia.


Who is Michael Owen?

Who is Michael Owen

Michael Owen is a former English footballer who was born in Chester, England who spent his whole career as a center striker and utilized both feet when playing for the renowned premier league club Liverpool FC. In fact, Owen was such a good player when he played in the premier league that he was included in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. Owen is a player that made his England senior team debut against Chile in February 1998. That year, England was defeated 2-0. It made Owen famous at the time because he was the youngest player in the century to represent England.

Owen’s rise to glory in the football field was when he debuted with Liverpool FC and scored his first goal against Wimbledon FC all the way back in 1997, working his way up to become one of the most prominent players in the field before he retired in 2012 while playing for Stoke City. Today, Michael Owen has decided to come back from retirement in a different field, and this time it is the field of online casinos as he has signed up to become the brand ambassador for Maxim88 online casino Malaysia.


The reason behind the signing between Owen and Maxim88

The reason behind the signing between Owen and Maxim88

The collaboration has garnered international attention as Owen is a name that has gone on for a long time without being mentioned in any media, it is most suiting that this shocking comeback is made with the top rated online casino in Malaysia. In the interview after the announcement, Owen had nothing but nice things to say about this online casino, he mentioned his excitement in working now in a different field, and hoped that online casino fans in Asia would welcome him with open arms.

Owen had cited Maxim88’s collaboration with Evolution Gaming was the event that caught his attention, and since then, he had been working his way to form a collaboration deal with this online casino as well. It should come as no surprise that Owen is a huge fan of Evolution Gaming since it is a reputable brand that operates on an international platform, supplying high quality live table games to online casinos worldwide. At Maxim88 online casino, members can find their very own exclusive Evolution Gaming table that comes with a higher payout. This table is reserved for members only and Maxim88 account holders can join in without a queue or any other hassle. 


Exclusive new sign up bonus

Maxim88 online casino has enjoyed tremendous success among the Malaysian gaming community and the professional athlete has vouched for the trustworthiness of Maxim88 online casino Malaysia and given his stamp of approval to the platform’s safe and secure gaming options, but a safe online gaming platform is not the only thing that Maxim88 online casino has to offer.

As a result of this historic collaboration, Maxim88 online casino is now offering huge sign-up incentives particularly to new players. This new 200% welcome bonus is a direct result of the site’s tremendous popularity.  Furthermore, If you are new to sports betting and love it, you may be eligible for a bonus of up to 500 (MYR) on your very first wager at Maxim88 online casino with their risk free promotions.


Exclusive new England Travel Contest

Exclusive new England Travel ContestTo celebrate the arrival of such an iconic football player at Maxim88’s online gaming platform, the online casino team has hosted a lucky draw contest for all Maxim88 players that will span for an entire month starting from the 1st of August to the 31st of August. In this promotional period, any players who have met the minimum deposit requirement will be eligible to join in on the lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win flight tickets for two to the UK, including a free 5 days 4 nights stay at selected hotels as well as an entry football ticket for football matches chosen by the Maxim88 online casino team.

Only three lucky players will be selected to receive this grand prize, other prizes that participants of this lucky draw can receive include 88 MYR cash bonus, 200 MYR worth of GRAB voucher as well as 600 MYR branded gifts. For more details on this event, visit the Maxim88 online casino site and find their promotions tab. 


What kind of content is available at Maxim88 online casino?

What kind of content is available at Maxim88 online casino

If you are looking for a venue that can provide you with an hour of exciting and engaging entertainment, you might consider tuning in to Maxim88. At Maxim88, you may select from more than a thousand different types of gambling games, so you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time here. The following is a small sample of some of the most well-liked forms of amusement that can be accessed through the Maxim88 online casino in Malaysia.

Online slot games 


At Maxim88, newcomers and seasoned players alike enjoy playing online slots, which are particularly popular at this online casino. Sign up for an account at Maxim88 Online Casino if you love playing online slots so that you may take advantage of the casino’s slot-exclusive bonuses. Maxim88 online casino is a reputable online gaming platform that is well known for their diverse selection of great slot machines, both traditional slots and modern slots with exciting themes are all available at this reputable online gaming platform.  At Maxim88 online casino, you have the option of playing classic slot machines with three reels as well as games with five or more reels. There are other skill-based games available at the Maxim88 online casino, such as those with changing paylines and varying symbols. 

Live table games


In addition, the Maxim88 online casino provides a one-of-a-kind live casino experience that players will find not only enjoyable but also risk-free to enjoy. These live casino games are distinctive in that they make it possible for the player and the dealer to engage in conversation in real time through the utilization of live streaming technology. In addition, the companies that provide these games are among the most trustworthy and well-known in the business world, Evolution Gaming. Click here to read the free review of Evolution Gaming Live Casino.

If you want to make money regularly, all you have to do is place bets with real money on popular games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The live casino option that is offered by Maxim88 online casino is sure to capture the curiosity of everyone who enjoys gambling in real-life casinos. At the Maxim88 online casino, poker is a fantastic game option for players to choose from. Texas Hold’em is the poker game that is played the most frequently and is the one that receives the greatest acclaim at Maxim88 online casinos.

Excellent online sports book service

Excellent online sports book service

The Maxim88 online casino is a leading example of an excellent online sportsbook and a trustworthy resource for match analysis and prediction. It provides bettors with an unrivaled variety of sporting events on which to play, in addition to first-rate bonuses and prompt payments. Internet gamblers who are interested in wagering on e-sports competitions can take advantage of the betting platform offered by the Maxim88 online casino. This is another category that features games that are suitable for players of all skill levels, from novice to expert. Odds may be found in sportsbooks for a wide variety of sports, including football, basketball, golf, the National Football League, and even water polo.


The VIP Membership Program offered by Maxim88

The VIP Membership Program offered by Maxim88

If you want to earn millions of dollars through gaming right away, the VIP programme at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia is just what you need to do so. They have a VIP programme that has five tiers, and each tier has its own set of perks and incentives to offer its members. You will be able to move on to the next tier of service if you accumulate enough points and take advantage of the unique privileges and perks offered, which may include free and fast withdrawals, large bonuses, and big refunds.


Payment methods available at Maxim88

Payment methods available at Maxim88

The Maxim88 online casino Malaysia is one of the most important online gaming sites in the entirety of Southeast Asia, and as such, it provides its customers with a number of different payment and deposit options. They accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, among others. The 128-bit encryption used for Maxim88’s payment processing makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized parties to access customer data.

You have access to a selection of standard means of payment, among which are well-known e-wallet applications like Help2Pay and EeziePay, among others. It is possible to make deposits and withdrawals at the Maxim88 online casino using a variety of banking methods, such as Touch n Go and direct bank transfer, in addition to a number of additional payment alternatives that are comparable to these. The players are able to swiftly and easily deposit money in accordance with their own preferences.


Customer satisfaction is one of Maxim88’s top priorities

Customer satisfaction is one of Maxim88's top priorities

Because of the enormous amount of web traffic and the rapidly increasing popularity, Maxim88 ran into a big problem while trying to host all of the audience’s inquiries. They solved the problem by recruiting knowledgeable customer service personnel and establishing a chat facility that was available around the clock to respond to questions from their customers.

The customer service staff at Maxim88 is among the best in the industry, and they give gamers replies that are prompt, trustworthy, professional, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of their issues. Help is simply a click away when it comes to the most convenient support system at Maxim88 online casino. The customer care team at Maxim88 online casino is always ready to assist players with any questions or concerns they may have.



Maxim88 is the destination you should go to if you enjoy playing in live casinos. You will have the opportunity to participate in live gaming with real dealers and other genuine players. Maxim88 is the place for you if you want the adrenaline rush that comes with real gambling. Even though the basic premise and gameplay of live casino games are different from one another, the casino has worked with industry-leading gaming providers to guarantee both quality and fairness. In addition to this, they give customers the opportunity to wager on a wide variety of sporting events, ranging from baseball and football to esports competitions.

In addition, the Maxim88 online casino in Malaysia offers a wide variety of slots in the form of hundreds of different games to choose from. The authenticity of Maxim88 and its reputation are widely known on a global basis, which is one of the reasons why it is considered to be a respectable online gaming platform. In addition, the fantastic review that Maxim88 received from notable gaming critics as well as Michael Owen’s personal vouch for this online casino will further propel this online casino to new heights. Sign up now with Maxim88 online casino today.

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