How to Claim 100% Welcome Bonus

How to Claim 100% Welcome Bonus

Considering that you are new to Maxim88 online casino, it’s understandable if you don’t know how to claim your welcome bonus. However, below is an informative guide to support you.



Once you have registered and deposited on Maxim88, you are automatically qualified for the online casino bonus. However, you need to have made a deposit of at least MYR50 to live casino wallet, slot wallet, or sports game wallet to claim your bonus.


Application process

Applying for a 100% welcome bonus on Maxim88 is quite straightforward. Simply proceed to your account and choose transfer. Type in your preferred amount and send it from your wallet to your preferred game category wallet – this could be a live casino, slot, or sports game.
From there, visit the promo code menu and choose a suitable code welcome bonus, depending on the wallet that you have transferred money into. For instance, if you transferred into slot game wallet, choose a 100% welcome bonus slot.


Requirement and details of the 100% welcome bonus

  • Only newly registered members who are first-time depositors can claim a 100% welcome bonus.
  • Only one of the three bonus providers offered can be claimed by each member.
  • Once approved, the member will receive the bonus in their preferred wallet.
  • An eligible member needs to fulfill a 20% turnover of the sum of the deposit and bonus amount to send or withdraw their bonus. For instance, if you deposit MYR50, a 100% bonus would be MR50. In this case, the turnover requirement would be (50 + 50) x 20 = MYR 2000.


See the following table for the details of the bonus:

Bonus provider Max Bonus (MYR) Bonus percentage Turnover (x)
Every live casino provider (except ALLBET) 300 100% 20


Every slots game provider 500 100% 20
Every sports betting provider 300 100% 20


Applied Terms and Conditions

  1. The 100% welcome bonus closes by 23:59:59 (GMT+8) on 31st December 2022.
  2. Every new member can only claim the bonus within the first thirty (30) days, beginning from the date of issuing the bonus funds, unless stated otherwise. Failure to fulfill the online casino bonus play requirements within the given period will result in the loss of the bonus funds and the amount won by using the bonus funds.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, turnover concerning every form of non-live table games such as Video Poker, Craps, American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc., and non-slot games will not apply to the turnover requirement of the bonus.
  4. The turnover subject to a 100% welcome bonus will not apply as turnover for cash rebates.
  5. A valid turnover doesn’t include any bets that ended in cancellation, void, or made on opposite sides using the same outcome.
  6. The online casino, Maxim88, would acknowledge only bet amounts that lead to a win or loss outcome.
  7. Maxim88 will confiscate all bonuses and winning amounts if it senses any usage or collusion of multiple accounts by the same user.
  8. A single promotion applies to a single account per player. In other words, it’s one promotion per family, household address, email address, telephone number, IP address, e-payment account, credit or debit card, shared computer, including workspace, public library, or school. Any infringement of the term found Maxim88 would result in the confiscation of the bonus and winning amounts.
  9. Users are not permitted to combine the welcome bonus with other promotions on Maxim88.
  10. Any user found guilty of dishonesty, cheating, or engaging in any form of system loopholes’ abuse would risk being disqualified instantly by Maxim88.
  11. Maxim88 possesses the right to unilaterally change, suspend, cancel or invalidate the welcome bonus without any prior notice and at any time.
  12. The sole arbitrator of this welcome bonus is Maxim88. Hence, our decision is final.
  13. Participating members must acknowledge and comply with the terms stated within the Terms and Conditions, including other associated regulations and rules stated by Maxim88.
  14. General Terms and Conditions by Maxim88 apply.


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