Definitive guide to FIFA World Cup and Online Sports Betting

Definitive guide to FIFA World Cup and Online Sports Betting

Football might just be the most popular sport on earth, and this makes the FIFA World Cup the world’s largest athletic event. The FIFA World Cup is the most elaborate and massive football tournament that only takes place every four years, where only the best players from around the world come together to compete and receive the highest honor of becoming the world’s best football team. It is a fierce competition that involves dominance, persistence and nerve racking intensity as almost everyone on earth is tuned in to witness this event.

As the world cup draws near this year, we have decided to write a lengthy and comprehensive guide regarding everything that you need to know if you are new to the football scene. We also cover sports betting platforms, online casino content as well as strategy and guides on how to predict and spot a winning team while watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup that will be taking place at Qatar.


FIFA World Cup 2022

This year marks the fourth year since the last world cup which took place in Russia where billions of fans worldwide were glued to their TV screen to watch France’s dominating victory over Croatia in the finals. It was marked as one of the most watched events in history, and the record will certainly be broken again this year in Qatar where the FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place. In November this year, 32 strongest nations will once again gather in the middle east to compete with each other for the World Cup, and obviously, it will also mark as an enormous event in terms of bookmakers and sports betting platforms online. 

Because the World Cup attracts so many spectators, it is only natural that it is a major betting event. The general public approaches sports betting not solely with the mindset of making money, but also with the intention of enhancing the viewing experience of a major sport event with higher stakes at hand. It is a form of entertainment for the majority of sports bettors, and is also the main reason why people often get so excited when a team that they support has won a match. Without a doubt, the concept of betting on sports have major contributions to the hype that surrounds the FIFA World Cup. 


Begin betting on football when FIFA World Cup 2022 arrives

Begin betting on football when FIFA World Cup 2022 arrives

There are a few notable contrasts between betting on the World Cup and betting on domestic leagues such as the Premier League or Major League Soccer. Initially, the tournament’s 32 teams were divided into four-team groups, similar to the UEFA Champions League format. In contrast to the Champions League, each club will meet the other three teams in its group just once. Each team in the Champions League faces the other three teams twice.

However, the point system remains unchanged. A winning team receives three points whereas a losing team receives none. If the result is a draw (also known as a tie), 1 point will be awarded for both teams in the match. When a team has played against every other team that shares the same group, two teams with the highest score will be chosen to compete against each other in what is known as a knockout stage. Sport bettors may place wager on any match at every stage during the world cup.


There are several tiebreaker options if two or more teams finish the group stage with the same number of points. It can be the highest total of goal differential in all group matchups, or the amount of goals scored can also be observed, and if all else fails, bettors will turn to looking at points scored in all head to head competition.  While it is impossible to predict exactly what will occur when the teams take the field, the World Cup is often controlled by the regular suspects. Therefore, when reading the odds, you will see that several of the same names are favored. Teams like Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and France often perform well at the largest sporting event on the planet.

Alternative methods of sports betting

Soccer betting in general also offers a variety of alternatives. In addition to being able to wager on the outcome of a game, a number of props and micro bets are also available. You can wager on the team (or person) that will score first, the total amount of goals scored, etc.


Why and where to bet on FIFA World Cup 

Why and where to bet on FIFA World Cup

Sports betting can be seen as an entertainment, or it can also be taken seriously as a valid way to make profit online. If you think you have the skills and experience in sports, enough to predict the outcome of a match, why not channel this skill and use it to win money and secure a large profit without having to work? Online casinos are the only place where you can gain money just by playing games, and if online slots, online live casino table games, fishing games or other games are not your type of thing, you might still find sports betting exciting. The best place to start with sports betting is always at major sport events, and there are no sports events as massive as the FIFA World Cup. 

If you’re interested in gambling on the World Cup, it goes without saying that you’ll want to do it on the web’s most trustworthy and secure sites. You should avoid giving your money and personal information to shady, unreliable websites. Safety is one of the key worries of new users when it comes to online betting, which is why we always recommend the sportsbook service offered by Maxim88 online casino for beginners looking for a trusted place to wager on the FIFA World Cup. At this online casino and bookmaker site, your information is protected by the most reputable brand in the Malaysian online casino industry so that you may wager on any sports you like without fear. As you might expect, Maxim88 online casino also provides a wide variety of wagering choices for the world’s largest soccer competition, in addition to flexible, efficient and fast payment methods.


FIFA World Cup sports betting advice

FIFA World Cup sports betting advice

There are a lot of bogus sports betting strategy guides found online, and if you are a beginner with no experience in how betting and luck works, you should be cautious of falling into one of these bogus strategies that will cause you to lose money. One of the most popular sports wagering techniques that people like to share online is the point spread wagering trick, which we will be looking into in-depth now.

Point spread wagering

Point spread wagering is most prevalent in sports like football and basketball. In soccer, though, betting against the spread is rather more difficult. In some instances, a team will be favored by 0.5, which indicates they need to win by at least one goal for the wager to be successful. In such cases, wagering on the spread is likely to be rather safe. However, anything above 0.5 appears hazardous. Expecting a team to win is one thing, but anticipating a team to win by at least two goals is risky, given how tough it is to score goals. Can France win by at least two goals against Saudi Arabia? Absolutely. Still, expecting a team to score multiple goals is a risky strategy, so it is likely best to find alternative ways to attack a game.


Undoubtedly, winning a parlay is always advantageous. Even though the World Cup is supposed to play the 32 best teams in the world against one another, there is still a large talent gap between the best and poorest teams. On paper, these World Cup games are tremendously lopsided. However, on a stage as big as the world cup, surely not everything will go as predicted. The group round provides an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the competition’s weakest teams. You may combine wagers on these strong favorites into a parlay before the competition becomes more uncertain.

Don’t fall for huge names

If you were to ask casual soccer fans on the street which teams had the highest chance of winning the World Cup, you would likely hear the same teams repeatedly. Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, etc. While all of these teams have won the World Cup in the past, it makes no sense in this circumstance to let the past control the future. The World Cup is held every four years, which results in a significant amount of roster movement from one tournament to the next. Look no farther than Spain, 2010 World Cup champion. In 2014, the Spanish squad included many of the same players, however they were eliminated in the group round. Why? The talent level was not as high as it had been four years earlier, as the majority of the 2010 team’s main players quickly aged.

Brazil has five World Cup titles. This has virtually no bearing on Brazil’s prospects of winning the 2018 World Cup, especially considering that none of the current roster’s players have ever won the tournament. There is potential advantage in betting against well-known teams that will receive substantial betting action.

Avoid from pushing too hard when the timing is not right

Although it was mentioned that the group stages have huge potential, beginners are usually advised against going all in immediately at the beginning of the tournament. Managing your money is another fundamental tip that surely applies to World Cup betting. The more we get in the competition, the more probable it is that supporters would wager large sums of money on their national team to win. As the competition progresses, the matchups tend to get more compelling; yet, the latter rounds of the tournament also tend to attract more novice and casual gamblers. If you are an aggressive bettor, then at the later stages of the tournament will be your time to shine. Since powerhouse teams in the tournament will also be playing in a more relentless manner, so should you as a bettor. 


Strategies to help with betting on FIFA World Cup

Strategies to help with betting on FIFA World Cup

If you are a sports bettor that is only here for the entertainment and to join in on the hype, then it is perfectly fine to engage with sports betting casually. However, if you are serious about making  a profit with sports betting, certain strategies need to be employed to at least decrease the chances of losing a wager and suffering a financial loss while betting. In this section we have listed down all the tried and true strategies that you can use to up your sports betting game and start winning real cash through sports betting at Maxim88 online casino in no time. 

Make the most of the odds

Attacking advantageous odds is a standard betting strategy for all sports, but the World Cup provides a unique dynamic. When it comes to the World Cup, a large number of gamblers place wagers based on their emotions, as opposed to the odds and their intelligence. This relates back to patriotism in general. Consider the 2014 World Cup. Would the United States actually defeat Belgium? The American betting public was so enthralled with USMNT fever that the odds were slashed to the point where picking Belgium was practically a no-brainer. It ultimately worked out.

You are not wagering so much against the house as you are against other players. Most casual gamblers wager on the outcome they wish to occur rather than the outcome they believe is most likely. To achieve more long-term success, adopt a more analytical perspective. There is nearly always benefit in betting on a game ending in a split of the spoils, despite the fact that no spectator likes to see a tie.

Understanding sleeper bets

Even though the World Cup is typically won by well-known teams such as Germany or Brazil, there will likely be some surprises along the road. Obviously, it is not advisable to wager against such teams, but there are some valuable underdogs to be found in the early stages. In 2014, teams like England, Portugal, Spain, and Italy were eliminated in the group stage. While it is difficult to predict which side would collapse early, Mexico might be susceptible in 2018. Group F consists of El Tri, Germany, Sweden, and South Korea. South Korea appears to be an obvious also-ran in this group, but Mexico’s matchups against Germany and Sweden will not be easy.

Understanding futures bets

Futures bets may be lucrative, but making a wager on a team that far in advance is extremely risky. For starters, the majority of these national teams do not play together frequently. Prior to the tournament, they will devote a great deal of time to training, but it is impossible to predict how a team will mesh until we see it in action. A team like Brazil appears to be a safe bet at the moment, but we need go no farther back than four years to show why futures betting is perilous. The Brazilians were overwhelming favorites to win the World Cup when they played in their own nation, but we all know what transpired there. In the semifinal, the Brazilians were utterly dominated by the Germans.


Advantages of betting on the FIFA World Cup at an online casino

Advantages of betting on the FIFA World Cup at an online casino

Reputable online casinos like Maxim88 can offer a unique sports betting experience that can not be found anywhere else, this is due to the fact that online casino sports book services are easy to use and efficient in how they manage wagers and distribute wagering information to all users. Online casinos usually come in mobile app form where users can download and install onto their phones so that they may wager on sport matches while outdoors. In other words, online casinos make it possible for sport bettors to look up FIFA world cup match info, wagering odds, and place bets anywhere and at any time of day. When it comes to sports betting, this degree of speed and efficiency is necessary for a satisfying experience.

Furthermore, online casinos such as Maxim88 Malaysia also offer promotions and bonuses for users who use their online sportsbook services. Maxim88 is an online casino that offers a lucrative welcome bonus to new members who had signed up and created an account on their online gaming platform, as well as the sportsbook first bet promotion for players who have used their sportsbook service for the first time. This way, new players at Maxim88 online casino get to receive free credits to be used to wager on sports right away, it is the perfect place to kickstart your online sports betting career.