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In recent decades, when a lot of people, especially gamers, have switched from fish hunter games at supermarkets or entertainment centers to shooting fish games online, Fishing War is always on top of the list.

Fishing War is an online game released by SpadeGaming, a renowned game maker in Asia, exceptional for creative betting online products. SpadeGaming is a leading software development firm in the market in real money trading games, including Fishing War, which is the most thrilling and fascinating today.

The team behind SpadeGaming is all gifted and artistic engineers who concentrate on generating the most excellent online gambling products, which include Fishing games to serve players. The online products from this maker were launched in various languages to support players worldwide.

How to Play Fishing War

How to play fishing war

Fishing War is easy to play. Prior to loading, you’ll find three different levels that will have you hooked. You need to pick between Junior, Expert as well as Godlike. The junior level has a bet level of 0.01 and 1, while the expert level has 0.1 and 5 bets. On the other hand, the godlike has bet levels of 1 and 10. If you have selected the level you want, you’ll be directed to another screen where you’ll see different sea creatures swimming all over the screen. From time to time, big sea creatures will appear on the screen like dragons, whales that award different big payouts.
However, prior to shooting down these creatures, you have to adjust your preferred stake using the – and + keys located under the cannons. Your wager will be shown in a command bar on each side of the display. You’ll get the target, auto, double, and lighting keys that will assist you in directing the canons.

To make the most of your winnings, you have to utilize the items as well as the features integrated with this game. Few vital things you have to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Position: Gun barrel has a rocket with a – and + symbol that enables the player to adjust the bullet to shoot down or up.
  • Target the Object: Aiming is the best and important feature; once you click on the creature, it will instantly shoot the fish which you’ve targeted until it’s destroyed or swims off the screen.
  • Automatic Firing: Identical to the aim feature, players have to target manually to fire the gun and shoot.
  • Menu: You can find the menu on the right part of the display. This allows you to see your bet, adjust a game setting, check the payouts, or exit fishing using this button.


Type of Enemies in Fishing War

Fishing War is a shooting game where having an outline of the paytable is vital. It is all up to you which creature or enemy you prioritize to destroy using your cannon, and because of this, you have to be aware of these enemies and which one is a worthwhile, spending lot of bets and ammo. There are twenty-one sea creatures; the bigger and ornamented one is more worthwhile as a rule of thumb. Below are some of the enemies you will encounter in the Fishing War.

  • Blowfish
  • Shark
  • Hammerhead shark
  • Golden shark
  • Jade toad
  • King crab
  • Golden hammerhead shark

Music and Graphic in Fishing War

SpadeGaming has been in the business for quite some time, and they always assured that gamers have the most excellent gaming experience. Fortunately, this is something that can be shown in Fishing War! This is a very popular arcade game with superb and one a kind gameplay where you need to shoot down different sea creatures or aliens for big rewards. This is very animated and set in underwater as you see the fishes swim round the pool.

It mixes an amazing and attractive color combination that makes this game thrilling, exciting as well as fun to play. The command bar is situated at the left part of the screen and under the cannons. Also, it has an amazing soundtrack that will keep players amused and entertained as you wait for the prizes to land. On the other hand, the graphic is rendered beautifully and wonderfully, allowing you to load the game with ease and without any trouble. This game does not need the installation of any software. If you are looking for a low to medium arcade online game, then we highly recommend the Fishing War. They give a regular payout between spins; however, you need some patience if you want to win big prizes. The best thing about Fishing War is that it is highly recommended for all gamers out there; it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned one. It is easy to master this game.

Game Interface

This shooting game is perfect if you play on a Laptop or PC. The gaming interface is made by the best and skilled engineers and experienced designers. The concept here is to make it the best arcade game with the most user-friendly interface. You can access this game for free from your tablets and mobile devices using different browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Also, there’s a suggestion from the maker to everyone who wants to play this on the app. The app has the functionality and can assist in sorting the whole thing with no issue, as well as with a good performance on Android and iOS platforms.


To sum up, Fishing War is indeed the best, and most played shooting fish game online. This is still new to online players; on the other hand, its attraction isn’t inferior to its forerunners like SA Gaming fish game as well as GG Gaming shooting fish game.
Take professional features and characteristics into consideration, such as the interface, rewards and bonuses, features, theme, and graphics. This online arcade game is regarded as worth playing by everyone, both newbies and seasoned players. On the other hand, if you are still hesitant and confused, why not try this game.


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