Fishing God Review

Fishing God is among the most popular fish shooting games you will find on any online casino in Malaysia and Asia. This game was created by Spade Gaming – one of the leading game providers in Asia and the rest of the world. Many gamblers love fish shooting games because they are fun to play and have straightforward rules.

If you have never played a fish shooting game, Fishing God is one of those games that you can start with without finding a lot of challenges. Besides being fun to play, this game also has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 97% – which is above average for most online casino games. For those new to gambling, games with a higher RTP percentage often give players a higher chance of winning than those with a lower one.

In this guide, I will take you through the basics of Fishing God and a step-by-step procedure that you can use to play this game. To make it easier, I will use simplified English that everyone can understand, including those new to gambling.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the guide.

Type of Enemies in Fishing God

Bore playing any fish shooting game; it is important to know the enemies you will shoot. After all, the game is about the shooting, so you need to know what you will be shooting so that you pull the trigger only when necessary. In this particular game, the main sea feature you will find is Fish which will often appear in different sizes.

Each of the fish sizes has a different reward that often depends on the difficulty to kill it. For instance, when you shoot and kill Fish with a 2X multiplier, your bet will be multiplied by 2. Besides the Fish, you also find some other sea creatures like whales and dragons. It’s important to know what each marine creature’s multiplier is before playing this game.

Below is a list of the various sea creatures in this game and the multiplier for each

  1. Flying Fish – 2x
  2. Clownfish – 3x
  3. Blue and Yellow Fish – 4x
  4. Pufferfish – 5x
  5. Lionfish – 6x
  6. Flatfish – 7x
  7. Lobster – 8x
  8. Swordfish – 9x
  9. Octopus – 10x
  10. Jellyfish – 12x
  11. Angler Fish – 15x
  12. Turtle – 18x
  13. Sawfish – 20x
  14. Stingray – 25x
  15. Big Clownfish – 30x
  16. Blue Angelfish – 40x
  17. Big Pufferfish – 50x
  18. Shark – 30 – 70x
  19. Gold Clownfish – 30 – 70x
  20. Gold Angelfish – 40 – 80x
  21. Gold Pufferfish – 40 – 90x
  22. Gold Shark – 50 x 100x
  23. Whale – 50 x 100x
  24. Gold Whale – 60 – 200x
  25. Gold Dragon – 60 – 888x

With this massive difference in the multipliers, it is best to always aim at creatures that will earn more than those that will earn less. However, you also need to note that the high-paying creatures require way more bullets than the low-paying creatures. While shooting, you need to look at the number of coins you are remaining with so that you know when to aim at high-paying creatures and when not to.Music and Graphic in Fishing God

This game has well-chosen sounds that suit the idea of a shooting game. So, you will get to hear some water sounds that blend with some bullet sounds to create the perfect fish shooting environment. For the best sound experience, you should play this game using headphones or dedicated speakers.

When it comes to the graphics, the creatures and icons in this have vibrant colors that make it more natural for players to stay connected to the game while playing. The game also has smooth animations that make the whole playing experience enjoyable, especially if you are using a device with a good display.

How to play Fishing God

How to play fishing god


Fishing game is one of those online casino games that don’t require you to read or watch several tutorials before you get started playing it. Foremost among these considerations are your intended target fish and each multiplier. The easiest trick you can use is considering the size; bigger creatures will always reward you with more coins than smaller ones.

Let’s get through the basics of the game

When you visit Maxim88, you will find Fishing God under the Fishing games section. When you click to load the game, you will first be prompted to choose one of the three different levels, including Junior, expert, and God-like. The minimum stake for each is 0.01 to 1, 0.1 to 5, and 1to 10, respectively. It should also be noted that the junior level is the simplest and is what I would recommend anyone new to this game to start with.

Once the game has loaded, you will get to see a couple of creatures swimming in the waters. It’s as simple as aiming your pistol and starting shooting. There is also an option of auto-shooting that you can use to shoot continuously without pressing the tiger button. In this case, all you will do is aim at the sea creature you want to shoot, and the gun will shoot automatically.

Beginners should start with the demo version of the game. It has all the game’s features and gives about 100 coins that you can use to get started. This demo will help you get used to the game’s user interface before you start playing for real cash.

Bonus features

Another important thing to note about this game are the bonus features that boost the multiplier effect of your winnings. The bonus features you will find in Fish God include;

  • Laser crab – up to 120X
  • Drill crab – up to 120X
  • Flash jellyfish – up to 120X
  • Dragons King’s treasure – up to 300X
  • Firestorm – up to 200X
  • Golden fortune bag – up to 200X

These bonus features will pop up once in a while as you play the game. So, always take advantage of them to enhance your chances of winning more coins.

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