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Slots are by far still the most popular casino game both at land-based and online casinos. Spade Gaming is among the leading casino software providers in slots and fishing shooting niches. Crazy Bomber is one of their finest slots. This game is fun and ideal for both experienced players and those new to online casinos, thanks to its appealing and easy-to-use interface.

If you are keen to learn more about Crazy Bomber, how it is played, and the various symbols it has, keep reading. By the end of this article, you will have all the necessary information about this game, and you will be ready to get started playing. Let’s dive in!

About crazy bomber

As we have earlier shared, Crazy Bomber is among the flagship slot machine games created by Spade gaming. It is one of the most popular slots you will find at most online casinos in Asia and several other parts of the world. Crazy Bomber was released in September 2020 but has gained a lot of popularity with just one year on the scene.

Like most of the slots created by Spade gaming, Crazy bomber has a featureful UI with appealing colors that makes it easy for players to stay engaged with the game. It is built with some of the latest web technology languages like JavaScript and HTML5, making it an extremely smooth and responsive game on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

The main goal of this game is to fight an army of monsters by bombing them in order to save the kingdom; that is why the game is called Crazy bomber. The other goal besides saving the kingdom is returning the stolen treasures to their owners. Crazy bomber has a 5 * 5 playing field that can expand to up to 8 * 8 since it has a Cascading feature.

Every time an explosion happens, the following winning combination increases the playing field and also adds special wild symbols that will boost your winning chances. For instance, if the previous winning combination was 5*5, it will become 6*6 after an explosion.

The maximum number of reels you can play in this game is 8, with a maximum and minimum bet of $1 and $500, respectively. The high multiplier is implemented by the Bomber Coin function; all collected coins increase the winnings up to 200 times. I will share with you details about the various symbols and their winning multipliers in a bit.

Crazy Bomber user interface interface

Crazy Bomber Interface

Like most of the slots created by Spade gaming, Crazy bomber has a featureful and appealing UI that makes it a fun game to play for both newbies and experienced players. Most symbols in this game have fun colors, including purple, blue, gold, red, and green. The game also has smooth animations that make it exciting, especially if you have a device with a good display (high resolution and refresh rate).

This game also has well-chosen sounds that blend well with the game’s animations and colors. The good news is you can choose to mute the sound, especially if you are playing the game in a public place and you don’t want to use headphones. However, if you’re going to get a great playing experience, it is best to play this game with the sound on.

Crazy Bomber RTP

Most online casino players evaluate the Return to Player Percentage when picking a game to play (RTP). There is a 96.3 percent return to player (RTP) on Crazy Bomber, which is higher than the norm for most online slots. Just to give more context to those new to online slots, a higher RTP means more chances of winning. So, most of the time, a game with an RTP of 96.3% will give you more chances of winning than one with 95%.

Crazy bomber is also rated as a low volatility slot, which essentially means it has a small jackpot but with more winning frequency. So, if you are looking for a game where you can win small amounts, but more often, Crazy bomber is one of those games that you need to try out.

Crazy Bomber details and symbols

If you want to understand any slots machine game better, one of the first things you need to know is the symbols in the game and what they mean. Crazy Bomber has several symbols, and knowing the meaning and significance of each will help you make better decisions while playing this game.

The symbols that you will find in this game include; diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs, ghosts, green monster, ice monster, octopus, red monster, and yellow monster. Hitting the various combination for any of these symbols will give a different winning multiplier. Below is Crazy Bombers paytable with details of the winning multiplier for each symbol and combination.

Symbols Match Four Match Five Match Six Match Seven Match Eight+
Diamonds, Clubs X0.4 X0.8 X2 X4 X8
Hearts, Spades X0.5 X1 X2.5 X5 X10
Ghost X0.75 X1.5 X4 X8 X16
Green Monster X0.9 X1.8 X4.5 X10 X20
Ice Monster X1 X2 X6 X12 X30
Octopus X1.25 X2.5 X7.5 X15 X40
Red Monster X1.5 X3 X8 X16 X60
Yellow Monster X2 X4 X10 X20 X100


This table is what you should always refer to while playing this game. It will give you a hint of how much you are supposed to win for the various symbols and combinations you hit. If you are lucky enough to match the yellow monster symbol in 8 reels, you will win yourself 100X the amount you wagered.

Where to play Crazy Bomber

To play Crazy Bomber by Spade gaming, one of the online casinos that will give you the best experience is Maxim88. It is a licensed online casino, so you are assured of getting protection from some of the most trusted online gambling regulatory bodies like BMM. Maxim88 also has excellent customer support, so you will be assured of getting help if you find challenges while playing any of the games at this online casino. Play Crazy Bomber Today by clicking on the button below.



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