Betradar sportsbook review

Betradar is still the leading provider of sports betting data to online casinos and other betting platforms on the internet. They currently operate in over 120 countries and serve close to 900 online casino websites and betting platforms. Maxim88 is one of the few online casinos in Asia that partner with Betradar to offer users the best sports betting experience.

If you are looking for the best virtual sports gambling experience, Maxim88 is the best choice for those within Asia.; it has almost every game in the various categories under Maxim88’s Sports category. In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Betradar and why it is the best sportsbook you can trust when it comes to virtual sports. Let’s get started.

Games in different categories

Betradar provides Maxim88 with games in all the popular categories including, football, tennis, greyhounds, and horse racing. All these games are available with various betting options that to choose from based. For instance, in football, the betting options available include; correct score, winner, over/under, 3-way, Asian handicap, 3-way handicap, and many more.

After placing your bet, you will be able to follow the games live on a separate screen to ensure you don’t miss out on the events of the games you have placed your bets on. Betradar also provides details of the previous games and the news for each of the involved teams. This enables gamblers to gather as much information as they can before committing to a specific betting option.

Besides the teams you chose to place your bet on, you will also get live results from the rest of the games that are taking place. You will also get to see the table stands for the various leagues and tournaments, so you can use this information to make better decisions on your subsequent bets.

Customer support

While choosing an online casino or casino software provider to trust, one of the first things you need to look at is the reliability of their support team. An excellent customer care crew is accessible at all times at both Betradar and Maxim88.

So, whether it is an issue with the games you want to place bets on or withdrawing payouts, the support team will always be available to help you fix it. Maxim88 also made it very easy to contact their support team thanks to the several instant messaging alternatives that customers can use to communicate with the support team.

The supported messaging platforms include; WeChat, WhatsApp, and the built-in Live chat application. The good news is no matter the platform you use to contact Maxim88 and Betradar, the quality and promptness of the support services will still be the same.

Simplified UI

The user interface of all the virtual games provided by Betradar is minimalistic and straightforward. This makes it easier and faster for the gambler to find the games and other details they need to know about the games they have placed bets on. The graphics and animations also are very appealing, making it more natural for gamblers to stay connected while playing these games.

Betradar Bonus and Promotion
Betradar Bonus and Promotion

Maxim88 has plenty of bonuses and promotions that they offer for any of the games you will play on this platform. Sports betting is also included. Some of the promotions and bonuses that you can win by being part of the virtual sports betting games provided by Betradar include the following;

  • · 100% welcome bonus for all the new players after they have made the first deposit
  • · The referral bonus for all members who invite their colleagues to register with Maxim88
  • · Birthday bonus that every registered member can win during their birth month
  • · Daily reload bonus of up to MYR300
  • · Freebies of up MYR 157, 032 in value. The freebies you will have a chance of winning include; iPhones, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and many more.

These bonuses are available for only registered members, so you will need to register first before qualifying to win any of them. The good news is you will get the welcome bonus by simply registering with Maxim88. For more details about these bonuses and promotions, reach out to maxim88’s customer support or check their promos page.

Applicable for both iOS and Android device

Like most games on this platform, players can access all the virtual sports betting games using the browser on their desktop computers or mobile devices. There is no need for a dedicated mobile application on your iOS or Android device since all the games’ UI is already optimized for mobile devices using JavaScript and HTML.

I recommend utilising reputable browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge for the best experience possible. If you are using an iOS device, Safari is the best choice since it is well optimized for the iPhone. For Windows and Android users, Google Chrome is the best alternative. However, Edge and Mozilla Firefox also offer decent performance if at all you prefer any of these two over Chrome.

Is Betradar Safe?

The short answer to this question is YES. Betradar is one of the safest sportsbooks that has stood the test of time. Being trusted by over 900 gambling platforms around the world makes it very clear that the services provided by this platform are safe and reliable. A number of the world’s top online casino regulators have also granted it a license.


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