Alien Hunter Review

If you have been fond of an online shooting game, here is a new game for your entertainment- Alien Hunter by Spadegaming. This is one of the most played and in-demand games online that keeps you entertained and have the chance to earn a considerable amount of money. It is now perhaps the online shooting game of the best quality amongst slot players out there that are currently available in the market. If this is your first time encountering this game and wanting to know more about it, then this Alien Hunter review is for you.

How to Play Alien Hunter

How To Play Alien Hunter

An easy-to-understand gaming experience awaits you in this online shooting game. Before you start to play, first, you need to pick from three different modes- Godlike, Expert, and Junior. The disparity between these modes is the size of the bet you are able to use and the prizes. The minimum amount you can utilize for one shot is €0.01, while the maximum amount is €10.

On the main screen, you can choose a Buy feature or change the size of the bet according to the mode. It’s also possible to select a talent and access the menu. Opening the menu will allow you to discover the paytable of this online game and control the sound.
Like many other shooting games in an online casino, the Alien Hunter has a long list of symbols. The basic symbols symbolize different animals and offer specific payouts. To obtain the prize, you’ll need to shoot at these animals and then wait for your prize. You’ll not always get a reward, and each attempt you make will cost the chosen amount of money.

The small mouse is the lowest paying sign, which pays double of what you bet. It’s followed by a rabbit, lizard, deer, turtle, sheep, monkey, snake as well as blue squirrel. Each adds up one time to the payout. The horse pays fourteen times the bet, while the zebra gives sixteen times the bet. There is also a wild boar, which pays eighteen times the bet, and the jaguar that offers twenty times the bet. The tiger allows you to win twenty-five times your bet. The lion multiplied your bet by thirty and sixty times. Beaver assists you to win forty and eighty times the bet. At the same time, the elephant offers fifty and 100 times the bet. The creepy alien gives you fifty and 500 times the bet.

The Alien Hunter has some special signs or symbols. The most useful one is the Fallen Hunter, which pays 888 times of bet. Always remember that few of these signs will give rewards, while some are non-paying signs or symbols.
If shooting basic signs isn’t enough for you, then remember that this online game has some special signs or symbols which can lead you to amazing bonus features.

There are special type symbols. You are able to acquire between 10 and 300 times the best. You can continue shooting as it offers new prizes at any time. Turbo Blaster, on the other hand, offers 30 and 100 free bullets with better damage to assists you acquire more rewards. There is also a Bladehound which offers players up to 80 times the bet.

What is more, it sets free a shuriken and allows you to utilize it to shoot more creatures at once. The last sign is the Bio Crawler which assures prizes worth up to 100 times your bet. You need to shoot the egg in order to free up the crawler, which ultimately frees up a special gas that gets rid of creatures next to it.

There’s also a buy feature that allows you to purchase Thermal Blaze, Rogue Warrior, and Landmine. These special weapons assist you in winning big prizes. Never forget that you are able to shoot targets manually by choosing them, automate your shooting, change between single and double bullet shots, as well as burn particular areas. You can use the keys located on the right part to carry this out.

Type of Enemies in Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter paytable is a combined mixture of new and old, with colorful aliens and classic slot game signs and symbols that many players are used to it. There are many types of enemies in Alien Hunter the Alien Invader, Titan Engineer, Stealth Hunter, The Vanquisher, Fallen Hunter, and Champion Hunter. These provide high prices and set off special features which improve your odds of winning.

Music and Graphic in Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter is one of the best online games made by Spadegaming. Therefore, you cannot expect fixed lines, reels, rows as well a fixed structure. Rather, you have moving living beings that need to be killed or eliminated. The most appropriate term to describe the graphic of this game is cartoony. There are colorful aliens and animals, which move from one corner to another. Also, you can find background images, which keep changing; however, they signify different alien worlds. What is more, there’s music which reminds you of retro action movies. Gamers can choose some things before starting playing this game, which includes the amount of bet as well as the shooting more. This game has some amazing features.


Are you ready for some real action in the Alien Hunter arcade game by Spadegaming? This is not your typical slot machine, but instead, a thrilling video game wherein you are able to bet with real cash and win real money. The best thing about this online game is that you can pick a difficulty level and begin hunting aliens.

You utilize special weapons as well as standard bullets. You can buy the special weapons by making some kind of bonus purchase. On the other hand, it will cost you a considerable amount of money. The perk is that with this bigger weapon, you are able to shoot bigger aliens or monsters faster and quicker, which in turn makes you a high reward. So, if you are ready to shoot quickly for incredible wins, play the Alien Hunter arcade game now!


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